Social Survival Skills

 Social Survival Skills:

Skills Building Workshops
 for Children and Teens 

 Skills Taught Include:
  • How to Initiate and Sustain Conversation
  • How to Join into Group Conversations
  • How to Join into Group Play
  • How to be Flexible
  • How to Choose Friends Who Are a Good Fit For You
  • How to Effectively Deal With Teasing/Bullying

 Skills are broken down into discrete steps that are presented in fun, kid-friendly ways.

Children are taught how to spot self-defeating thoughts and how to replace it with positive, more realistic self-talk.

What Good Is Having 
A Skill If You Don't Use It?
To Help Maximize Your child's social success, each social survival group is paired with a corresponding parent's group that meets simultaneously in an adjacent room. 
In that companion group parents will:
  • Review the Skills Their Child is Learning
  • Develop a Common Social Skills Language to Aid in Coaching their Child
  • Troubleshoot issues in the Generalization of Skills to Daily Life
  • Learn Simple Strategies to help their child decrease social anxiety & increase social confidence and success.

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