What exactly is CBT

What Is Cognitive 

Behavior Therapy?

Simply stated: Your Thoughts influence your Feelings which in turn influence your Behaviors. Behaviors fuel the perceptions people form of each other and of themselves.   
We Intervene Across All Three Levels. 

You'll learn how to identify and dispute irrational thinking patterns which in turn will help you better regulate your emotions. 

The Result?
  More effective behavior choices--Decisions arrived at by reasonable assessment and not driven by negative emotions (anxiety, anger, loneliness). 

The Cognitive Part

We teach clients how to identify and change thought patterns leading to anxiety, irritability, anger and depression. 
The thoughts that sap your motivation, block you from achieving your goals and frankly from feeling happy. 

The Behavior Part

We help you to define the behaviors that you want to:
  1. Increase (like Confidence, Happiness, Efficiency) 
  2. Decrease (Panic Attacks, Obsessive Thinking, Social Anxiety)  
  3. Cultivate (Assertiveness, Social Skills). 
Each behavior is  broken down into smaller, observable goals. We then partner with you to work through and achieve each of these sub-goals. 

Feeling Better vs.
Being Better,There is a Difference...

Our Process
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