Adult Social Anxiety

Why Would A Socially Anxious Person Ever 
Join a Group?

                            Sounds Counterintuitive,
                                              Doesn't It?

One of the best ways to overcome social anxiety is to build a history of successful social encounters. That's why we offer  Social Anxiety workshops. Specifically designed for adult clients who:
  • Worry About Running Out of Things to Say
  • Constantly Re-Play Conversations, Second Guessing Their Words and Actions
  • Dread and/or Avoid Social Encounters
 Common social skills are distilled into simple, discrete steps. Each skill is practiced in a relaxed, supportive, risk-free environment. Clients learn to identify self-defeating thoughts that actively block them from smooth social encounters. They learn how to replace negative self-talk with positive, more realistic self-statements. Skills taught include:
  • Initiating and Sustaining Conversations
  • Joining into Group Conversations
  • Assertiveness Skills

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